About US

Puchikoo is the visionary creation of Tanmay Charan, a dedicated mother to a four-year-old daughter. Her personal journey led her to a realization shared by friends and family abroad – the challenge of finding the perfect clothing options for children. In response to this need, Puchikoo was established, with our headquarters situated in Jaipur, the cultural heart of Rajasthan.

At Puchikoo, our unwavering commitment is to provide your child with the finest selection of Indian-inspired clothing, infused with the essence of Indian culture. We serve as your trusted gateway to the rich tapestry of India, ensuring that your child is adorned with the perfect attire for every Indian festival and special occasion.

Our pledge is to consistently deliver the highest quality products and services to meet your discerning expectations. Welcome to Puchikoo, where we invite you to celebrate the beauty of India through the eyes of your child.